Learn to communicate in the 21st century

Develop the communication skills that leaders need to achieve results in the new economy.


25+ years

of experience

Communication consultant. Speaker and media trainer. Specialist in reputation, crisis prevention, and management.



I have worked with over 2,000 corporate clients: companies, institutions, NGOs, startups, chambers, and business organizations.

Customized courses, workshops, and training experiences.

The communication rules of the 21st century are obsolete.

In this era of change, leaders need superior ability to communicate, inspire, and persuade their stakeholders.

Communication LeadershipLab

You will learn to share your vision, strategy, and purpose with your stakeholders; your goal and achievement will be to persuade, inspire, and achieve better results.

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Storytelling skills for executives.

You will learn how to take control of the narrative to turn it into a memorable and transcendent experience, making your communication effective and efficient.

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Presentation Booster

You will learn how to create an emotional connection with your audience and use storytelling to influence their decisions.

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Media training I: spokesperson training

You will develop your communication effectively, convincingly, and persuasively, to construct attractive messages to your audience.

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Advanced media training: persuasion techniques.

You will learn the results of modern research so that each interview becomes an effective persuasion machine.

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Executive presence and influence

This workshop helps to convey clear, convincing, and congruent messages through the presence and image that each participant projects.

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Communication, reputation, and purpose.

You will learn how to analyze your company's reputation and develop scientifically-based persuasive messages.

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We advise great people. We have great references for you. Make a difference.



CEO at Spinto Talent

"Carolina is the best media trainer and crisis management expert in Mexico. I worked with her for five years and she has always been characterized by her professionalism, dedication to her work, and the wonderful quality of her services. I highly recommend her."


Gabriel Santiago

Ingeniería electoral para triunfar

“Undoubtedly, Carolina is the best media trainer for spokespeople in Mexico, both in the public and private sectors; with a wide-ranging experience in the field of communications that endorses her. In times of crisis management and communication, Carolina's skills are outstanding.”


Raúl Luna

Nómada digital

"Working with Carolina Eslava, whether in spokesperson training workshops or crisis communication workshops, is a very enriching professional experience. She has the knowledge and experience to provide her clients with the best communication solutions required for each case."


Sarah Arce

Elte International School

Carolina Eslava is one of those highly committed students always earger to learn more about the subject matter she is being trained on. She is definitely a high flyer who has successfully achieved important targets in her career. Her use of English language and communicative skills is that of a solid C1 English level student according to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)


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