Communication LeadershipLab. (CommLead®)

Individual workshop for CEOs, C-suite, senior management.

Hybrid modality.

The current era demands a new style of leadership. Leaders capable of sharing their vision, the company’s strategy and purpose with all stakeholders. A leader who inspires, persuades and achieves results.

Managers who develop their communication skills to the fullest motivate their teams to seize opportunities, perform with high performance and commitment. They also generate trust in their consumers, community, authorities and investors by sharing the company’s positive impact on its environment.

The CommLead is a workshop of four intensive 60-minute sessions in which we work with the participant on the following content:

  1. Themes, tone, style and personal communication challenges (self-assessment and skills score card).
  2. Speeches and presentations that inspire.
  3. Successful speech map: The system.
  4. Storytelling: Business tool.
  5. Keys to ethical persuasion.
  6. Leadership projection: voice and body language.

In each of the sessions, practices are carried out to convert information into learning to culminate with the mastery of a new competency. The deliverables are:

  • Scorecard of skills and recommendations.
  • Guide to themes, tone and style including message lines and storytelling outline.
  • Videos of voice exercises, space management, breathing, etc.

Storytelling skills for managers.

Individual or group workshop for executives, managers, etc.

Virtual or on-site format.

The communication technique that has proven to be most effective is storytelling. Supporting the institution’s objectives with narrative-based communication makes any presentation, interview or public appearance memorable. In this workshop, participants will learn the basic elements of storytelling to apply them in their public appearances, from the quarterly call with shareholders to meetings with collaborators or the community.

  1. Storystocks: How to increase business value.
  2. Neurological and communication bases of storytelling.
  3. Institutional Storytelling: Narrative Models.
  4. Narrative universe: Conflict, protagonist, suspense building, plot, learning, values in action. Emotion and conflict.
  5. Narrative in 30 seconds, full presentation and in fragments.

The work is done in two sessions of two hours each. In the first one, the general outline of the narrative and its narrative universe is built. In the second one, intensive practices are carried out to make the verbalization comprehensible and adaptable to different formats and time available.

Deliverables: Initial document with the storytelling guidelines, as well as the phrasing in the different versions: brief, informal, formal and complete..

Presentation Booster.

Workshop for individuals or groups of 4 directors, managers, etc.

Virtual or on-site format.

The old rules of presentations are dead. Today the challenge is to capture the audience’s attention, make them remember the message and act on it. That demands new skills for a speaker, such as creating an emotional connection with the audience, using storytelling and influencing their decisions.

The method we develop combines the latest research in psychology, cognitive and behavioral sciences to prepare and present successfully. It is a tailor-made consultancy for each speaker with a feedback model (Speaker scorecard) that analyzes the style of communication and maps their strengths, progress and areas to work on.

  1. Successful speech map®: The method.
  2. Capturing attention: visualization, emotionality, mental heuristics.
  3. Storytelling: The narrative model for presenting.
  4. Present data, figures and evidence.
  5. Competencies of the successful speaker: connection, image, non-verbal language, voice and leadership.

The learning path is covered in two 90-minute sessions in which a current lecture or conference is transformed from the method and 3 intensive practices are carried out.

Deliverables include the Successful speech map, videos and speaker scorecard, which will allow you to further strengthen your new presenter competency.

Media training I: spokesperson training.

Managers and specialists in the organization.

Individual or group workshop, virtual.

The public’s attention span is shorter than ever. That’s why those who are appointed as company spokespeople must be able to communicate effectively, forcefully and persuasively.

This workshop analyzes the new logic of the media and information platforms, as well as the unwritten rules of an interview. We present a methodology to build attractive messages to diverse audiences with a news tone. You will obtain the tools to ensure that your interviews and media appearances have the desired impact and achieve your objectives.


  1. Responsibilities and risks in spokespersonship.
  2. News in the age of immediacy.
  3. Legacy media, platforms, digital native media, author journalism.
  4. Canvas7® interview preparation method.
  5. New messages with digital impact.
  6. Types of questions and response techniques.

The workshop is conducted in two sessions in which intensive video practices are carried out and progress and risks are analyzed.

deliverables: Spokesperson’s Guide, MapCo®: Performance analysis and recommendations; videos of your practices.

Advanced media training: persuasion techniques.

Managers, CCO, spokesperson.

Individual virtual workshop.

Experienced spokespeople need the latest information on the media ecosystem and trends to enhance their performance. In addition, they require new tools to better persuade through their interviews and contacts with informants. In this workshop they will learn the results of neuroscience research and Robert Cialdini’s principles of influence to make every interview an effective persuasion machine.

  1. Trends in journalism and content creation. New leaders.
  2. Heuristics (cognitive shortcuts) and how to use them: priming effect, sufficient effect, loss aversion.
  3. 10 interviewing techniques.
  4. Different tone and techniques for news interviews, podcasts, authored media and content creators.
  5. Multilayer method (R. Lakoff) against attacks and negative perceptions.
  6. Types of questions and construction of answers.

The workshop is conducted in two sessions that combine practical and theoretical aspects. Deliverables: Spokesperson’s guide, MapCo®: Performance analysis and recommendations, videos of your practices.

Executive presence and influence.

Individual or group workshop for executives, managers or company representatives (maximum 4 people per group).

Virtual or face-to-face format.

Body language, voice and image are three elements that have the greatest impact on the perception of authority and confidence in the professional environment. This workshop helps to transmit clear, convincing and congruent messages through the presence and image projected by each participant.

We rely on research on the construction of perception, the aspects that are unconsciously evaluated about a person and which are the most valued characteristics. Also on the psychology of color and the semiotics of the image.

  1. Characteristics of people with authority and leadership.
  2. Semiotics of image: what messages are conveyed by clothing and accessories.
  3. The voice of leadership.
  4. Types of movement, gestures, gaze and posture.
  5. Personal visual identity® plan.

Participants will work on exercises and practices to improve various aspects of their image and projection. Each participant receives individual feedback and a Presence and Influence Guide based on their Visual Identity Plan with specific recommendations.

Communication, reputation and purpose.

Group workshop for the management team.

Face-to-face or virtual.

Companies face new expectations from society, governments and stakeholders about their role in this era of conscious capitalism. They are expected to achieve successful business, environmental and social results and to be clear about their unique purpose. Their reputation, one of the intangible assets that contributes most to a company’s market value, depends on the fulfillment of that promise.

In this workshop we analyze the company’s reputation, develop persuasive messages with a scientific basis and build the narrative of the purpose. The result is the message guide to be transmitted in each forum, presentation or interview to consolidate the company’s reputation and increase its value.


  1. Valuation and reputation building: Two models.
  2. What is purpose and how does it relate to the SDG/ESG.
  3. Narrative construction and persuasive messages.
  4. How to include the company’s storytelling in any format.
  5. Create memorable soundbites, phrases and headlines.

This workshop is divided into two modules. The first covers the first two points and is theoretical and conceptual. The second module is practical and applies collective intelligence dynamics to produce the messages and the narrative of the purpose.

Deliverables: The process ends with the delivery of the Purpose Communication Guide, which sets out the messages and narrative, as well as various examples of how they can be shared with the company’s various stakeholders.